Bukti Hafiy anak abah

Do you know that Facebook has ability to suggest a person by his/her previous photos?

Well now you know.

I've seen it for several times. I also wonder how did facebook knew this person is who? At first facebook detected a face when there is a face inside a photo. Next thing you know, it give you suggestion and names. Scary? But that's just technology people! Hehehe..

But today, i'm quite amused by facebook ability. I was just about to tag my kids on recent photos that i post. Not reason. Saja2. And when it come to Hafiy's face, look at what facebook suggested!

Totally anak abah isn't it?

Wpn he wud totally denied it many many times. He wud go like...

"Hafiy takmo sama ngn abah, Hafiy nak sama ngn mama.."

Sorry nak, you memang totally Banjarian.. Case closed.. Hahah!


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