2nd week of schooling..

My children has begun to develop such an interesting things this week, and it just Tuesday.

I start sending them to read Al Quran to an Ustaz house. So Hafiy deny my act at first by saying, he needs me to teach him, not anyone else. He told me his fears, that his not able to do it. I can feel it, even though he doesn't tell, he is ashamed of himself, he feels handicapped cause he couldn't read well. I said, this is just the beginning, the Ustaz will teach you. InsyaAllah. 

Later that (last) night, he finally said. Ok mama, i think i need this class. I will attend next class. I think, he somehow realized that he needs the class. So that touched me. 

And Ammar, he wants to join the class. He cried all the way home after sending his brothers, to be in the class with his brothers. I cant wait for him to be 4 years old to sent him to that class as well..InsyaAllah nextyear.

And this morning, when i was arranging Firdaus's books for school. I found a note on his board. Its undated, but i think it was made last friday. He wrote that someone making fun of him eating donuts, hiding his pencil box, and pushing him so he fall down (but he didn't). So i told him, its good that he is making notes on what happened daily at school or anywhere. I can see that he has already improves his writing skills and a very smart handwriting just like his dad. He just nodded. But it touches me by a lot of signs i saw on his notes. His feelings, his new skills and new friends. Eventually, he is not with his old buddy Adam Muhsin. Since Adam already change Religious School, and just couple of days ago went back in to his class. Previously Adam was on a different class. 

I know Firdaus is not quite happy with that. But eventually, he's trying to adapt with it and doesn't rely on Adam anymore. 

May Allah guide me and my husband to guide our family. May Allah protect us. Amin.... 


Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin


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