Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Enter the first day of your last menstrual period:

Due Date8/10/2015Conception11/17/2014
Pregnancy Test12/1/20141st Heartbeat12/15/2014
Week 111/10/2014Week 224/6/2015
Week 211/17/2014Week 234/13/2015
Week 311/24/2014Week 244/20/2015
Week 412/1/2014Week 254/27/2015
Week 512/8/2014Week 265/4/2015
Week 612/15/2014Week 275/11/2015
Week 712/22/2014Week 285/18/2015
Week 812/29/2014Week 295/25/2015
Week 91/5/2015Week 306/1/2015
Week 101/12/2015Week 316/8/2015
Week 111/19/2015Week 326/15/2015
Week 121/26/2015Week 336/22/2015
Week 132/2/2015Week 346/29/2015
Week 142/9/2015Week 357/6/2015
Week 152/16/2015Week 367/13/2015
Week 162/23/2015Week 377/20/2015
Week 173/2/2015Week 387/27/2015
Week 183/9/2015Week 398/3/2015
Week 193/16/2015Week 408/10/2015
Week 203/23/2015Week 418/17/2015
Week 213/30/2015Week 428/24/2015
This due date calculator will give you not only your due date, but will give you a whole calendar that you can print with the major milestones of your pregnancy by actual date. This includes telling you every week of pregnancy by date. It's a great reference to keep around. I'd suggest that you print it and put it where you can easily access it. You can also come back here for even more information every week.


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