Ben Affleck and Jenn Garner


Aku dok bc la paperworks ape benda alah ni. Memula aku tetidur. WHAT IS MODEL DRIVEN ARCHITECTURE kawan2? Zzzzzzzzzz

Now what is the fuss of doing it? Zzzzzzzz

The interesting part of doing the bla bla bla. Motivation comes after bla bla bla


Tak bole jadi ni. Bukak cito jennifer garner sat......

So i must say or maybe even summarize the whole situation is about being in love with each other but yet not even together. Togetherness... is kelaut. hohhoohoh...

1st of all, BA is still man of her life - though he didnt get to dance with her on their daughters wedding. Na ah. Because they are not married anymore.

But- the interesting part is. They ARE STILL married. Divorce not finalized yet. You must know that.

2ndly. Everytime both have a chance talk about each other in public (after the divorce of course). They will talk good about each other. Nothing bad. Just good things.

And BA even praises JG that she is the best mom and he was lucky to have her. SEE. HAVE HER!


Please guys. Cut the crap, and get married again. 


Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin


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