Situation in Class

Me, a classmate and our Prof was finding solution to turn out the projector.

Somehow, my hands rapidly pinch on many things as i want to test it out.

So the Prof was telling me, hey. Can you be patient a bit. No, dont touch that button. Let me handle this.

I cant stand his cool ways of doing things. I keep on pinching.

So, the thing is still did not work.

Finally, i went back to my place and let the Prof and my friend do.

He fix on few things that i messed with. Haha. 

And the thing work!

So he said, when i said, don't touch anything. I mean it ok. So please be patient and let me handle the situation.

He is not being angry, he was advising.

Suddenly, i miss my Ayah so much. I remember doing the exact same thing and that just how my Ayah responded. But of course, my Ayah is a bit more hot tempered guy. Huhuhu. But still, my hands works faster and i messed up with everything before he could ever fix anything. 

You get what i mean?

 Ok bai!

Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin


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