Put On Hold

I think she knew
That i knew
Something is wrong

Of course she knew
That i dont know
What really is bothering her

Well, i dont really know what it is
But of course i know something is up
She is currently recuperating
Or could be still suffering

Well, she always comes up the surface
Being strong
While being too strong
Breaks her apart
And knowing that, crushes me

I hold myself from asking
Because i feel that it could bleak her
The last thing she wants is to expose it
So how could i be the person to set if fourth?

Shall i give her sometime?
She will one day tell it all to me
Tell me what it really is

I put it on hold for the moment
For a moment

Please dear 'she'
If you still not ready, please know that i will wait
But if you need someone to talk to
My all ears here for you to listen

Until, that 'suffer' goes away
Let you solidly be strong
Let all the strength be with you

Until, that chapter ends
New chapter will introduce the new you
The better you!

Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin


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