Have You Heard?

Have you heard OJ Simpson kills his wife one day and he was jailed. Today, he is out and about. 

At a point of his trial regarding the said killing, he was found, not guilty.

But later, he got jailed. Though, he is a free man today!

There is an article came out this morning regarding his interview on his wife death. And his words gives a goose bump to me. I think, this guys is just sick. He did wrong, but he thinks he did nothing wrong!

1 statement regarding his wife death during her funeral:

'It was tough, I just remember seeing her there and I still had so many feelings of - if you're angry with a person upon their death, if you're angry with someone about whatever is going on in your life, when they die, it's not like that anger disappears,' Simpson told Judith Regan back in 2006 when he taped the special.

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He also stated something reflecting to 'domination' on his (dead) wife saying:

'So you still got those kind of feelings in you, and you're still trying to deal with: I am not going to be able to say this to this person, I'm never gonna be able to change this person's mind, I'm never gonna have an affect on this person again.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5479579/OJ-Simpson-angry-Nicole-Brown-wake.html#ixzz59EkxD7eL 
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For me, you can never change a person. You may say something for once, and if that person does not agree to it, you may try it for the second time. But that's it. Your third time make you a fool, because you know it will never work, but you still keep trying!

And this is what happen. You try to dominate a person who never wants to be dominated. You got angry. And took vulgar action! 

Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin


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