End Aug 2018

I just want to note down something. Because it has been awhile since i've posted anything. A simple write up shall do.

1. Weekend
My weekend was spent wisely and simply. Worked as a team, the whole family and everything turn up smoothly. Alhamdulillah. There were three events coming.

On saturday, as early as 720am we were on the road, moving to melawati, my husband's aunt house. Solemnization for her son at Rawang. Went there, and then move back, to Bangi to fix coating for BPN, our new baby. Back home just before Asar for prayers. I missed my good friend wedding. Been anticipating to meet her for so long. No luck. Even prepared small token for her. No rezeki. I feel like to use it today. Sorry Azliana Aziz. Hope that everything went well, and smooth sailing marriage till jannah!

On sunday, the wedding ceremony for my husband's aunt son. On the bride side. Still in Rawang. So we went there again, after fried meehun breakfast and loads of laundries. We reached melawati around 12pm, reach the ceremony around 1245pm. And there a few activities with the bride and the groom. And the eating part. Meeting with family members part. And we finished around 2pm, sending off my MIL and BIL back to hometown. 

We dropped by at my parents house. Just for a short chit chat. And then we planned for a movie. Hantu Kak Limah. The kids were enjoying the fun. Alhamdulillah. Everything went smoothly and within our control. 

2. Movies
I went for 2 movies last week. Watched The Meg with the jirans. Adda and Berry. The usual suspects. And at other end, or movie place, Wada also watching the same movie. It was fun! I love Jason Statham even more. He is now, ranking almost the same as Dwane Johnson to me! Well, i guess, most of their movies, does not gets me to think much, i'll watch it. 

The Meg was ok. Not a hard movie to understand. Not really tough. No need for a great IQ. And that was all i needed.

Then on Sunday, i wen to see Hantu Kak Limah, with my small family. Aisha and Ammar was scared at first. They even closed their eyes. But then, they found out, the ghost in the movie was so Silly. They burst out laughing! Several times, even i need to tell them to be quite, because they were the only one laughing! Hahaha. 

Well, HKL was wearing the same make up as HKL through out the movie, so no surprises. Even if i was one of the Kampung Pisang villagers, i would not be scared. Not scary at all. It was a genuinely silly movie. Like a cartoon movie for kids. So everybody can watch it. No stopping.

So there was how my weekend was spent. I hope we have this smooth and steady weekend throughout the year. 2018 is going to end very soon. InsyaAllah...Amin...

Signing off. Bye. 

Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin


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