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Tahun Peperiksaan dan Umur Mama and Abah

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Kari Sotong

Just feeling to write something today. Writing about your daily routine is good, so you don't lost track on things happening in your life. So, one day, when you want to write a novel about yourself, you have got the details ready and easy for you to jingle with it. Yesterday, was the second day of the week that you called, weekday. So, it was still not a tiring day, like normal Wednesdays. It feels like Tuesday. Its cooking day everyday now. Since we had a new baby now, we must force ourselves to be more frugal. So yesterday was Kari Sotong. When i was first got married. It has been numerous and tedious attempt to cook Kari. Any Kari you name it. Because, my husband, is so fond of Kari. I even thought, he must be one of the Indians decedent, but his not. It took me maybe 7 years? Of marriage, to finally master in making Kari. Master i mean, not too hot, not to be overwhelmed by Kari mixture, not too dull, not too fatty - oh my god, it were of those days when making Kari messed up w