Kari Sotong

Just feeling to write something today. Writing about your daily routine is good, so you don't lost track on things happening in your life. So, one day, when you want to write a novel about yourself, you have got the details ready and easy for you to jingle with it.

Yesterday, was the second day of the week that you called, weekday. So, it was still not a tiring day, like normal Wednesdays. It feels like Tuesday. Its cooking day everyday now. Since we had a new baby now, we must force ourselves to be more frugal.

So yesterday was Kari Sotong. When i was first got married. It has been numerous and tedious attempt to cook Kari. Any Kari you name it. Because, my husband, is so fond of Kari. I even thought, he must be one of the Indians decedent, but his not. It took me maybe 7 years? Of marriage, to finally master in making Kari. Master i mean, not too hot, not to be overwhelmed by Kari mixture, not too dull, not too fatty - oh my god, it were of those days when making Kari messed up with my life.

Yesterday, like any other current days, making Kari is like an easy peasy  task for me. I can now close my eyes while cooking it. Seriously. Anything, in the kitchen, i don't need to be too strict with the recipe. It can be less tomatos, less Kari paste, less Chillies. I can jingle wingle with anything and still wins! Winning means, everybody in my house will love it. Alhamdulillah. To finally able to do so, even though it took me for so many years! 

Of late, or currently, i have been watching a Korean channel from Hype TV. Yes, Hype TV also got Korean Channels, and yes, there is a few of them. So, one of the channel, will be airing Korean Movies, and the other will be airing Korean Dramas. 

The current aired Drama, which i am stuck to it is Chicago Typewriter. It was actually, last year's drama. So to say, it has already been outdated. It is about a famous Writer, who is struggling to write his new novel. Because, he has been having bad dreams, and while he is sleeping, a manuscript of the new novel is finished. And it was against his principal, which, he wants all his writings to be written by himself. 

At the beginning, it looks like, the manuscripts was written by someone else, a ghostwriter! But it turns out, it was really a ghost who typed it. So, this writer, was struggling, to meet the datelines, and he can't figure out what to write, and finally, he must succumbed to the ghost, who is typing the manuscripts for him.

Finally, the ghost explained, that the writings was really his, but from his pass life, around 80years ago! It was a shocking truth. But the novel, was never completed, yet. So the ghost wants this famous writer to complete it for him. Because, the ghost also forgot the way he died in the past, that cause him to be stucked in the ghost world and cant be reborn. 

And it turn out that, there was a love triangle, between the writer, the ghost and a girl. And the interesting part was the triangle and dramas between them in 1930s period. 

The ghost, was a watcher and savior for the girl. They met, as soon as the girl's father was killed. That time, Korean was colonized by Japanese.  But, the girl was fall in love with the writer, who was also a writer in the 30s. Even though, the ghost, who turn out to be a pub owner, Caper Daim Pub, loves the girl, but the girl never look at him or falls for him like she does with the writer. 

The interesting part is, the way, the ghost look at the writer and the girl as a couple amazed me! Means that, when you love someone, it does not matter if that someone does not loves you back! As long as, that someone is happy, with their lover, in front of your very eyes, then, it is enough for you. And you, can smile happy too!

Since, it was last year drama, i can easily gets the episodes online. There are 16 of them, i just manage to watch until episode 8. 

Will continue my watch. And till then, gonna stop here. 
Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin


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