Ramadhan Kareem 2019

Cak? heheheh..

Perjalanan Ramadhan setakat ini, Alhamdulillah, lancar. Tidaklah sempurna tetapi lancar. Tak perlu sempurna andai yang sederhana itu telah memadai. Ewah. Hehehe.

Dua hari sebelum Ramadhan, kami ambil keputusan untuk bercuti sekejap di Lumut, Perak. Kami bercadang bawa umi dan ayah aku sekali. Suami baru je selesai satu task yang agak memeningkan kepala dia. Well, kepeningan tu tak habis lagi, tapi nampak macam he needed a short break so much. So off we went.

It was a nice hotel. Quite remote from the main land - not an island though. As usual, the main essentials for the kids - a pool. We made a quick stop to meet his mother at Hospital Teluk Intan. She is hospitalized for an imbalanced diabetic readings. She is loosing her appetite and somehow still not eating well. Up until now, it has been 5days in the hospital and days before with eating disorder. We still don't know the real diagnosis, still waiting and things not progressing very well.

Well, but we're still going to Lumut. I think my husband does not have a comfortable feeling about it. But we hope she's going to be well. InsyaAllah.

We had a nice dinner, steamboat and there was a treat on fireworks. It is a must for the hotel for every saturdays. We had a good breakfast and off we went back to Hospital Teluk Intan. I think at this point, my mother in law is not progressing well. She is still not eating. And the doctors still couldn't get the real diagnosis and still finding still monitoring. I guess, we will be back to Teluk Intan this weekend for her. 

We reached my parents house around 7pm. And straightly we went back to catch for first Terawikh for the Ramadhan. We havent had our Dinners. But we tried to hold up. Then only at around 11pm we had our dinner. Aisha was already sleeping. Poor her. But Ammar ate a lot! Well, everyone is hungry. But that night seems so perfect that i get to go with them for Terawikh prayers at Surau. We had a calm dinner, nobody is running around. Calm and so peacefull.

In the morning, we prepared anchovies with chilies and fried chickens. Even Aisha woke up for the Sahur. In the evening, we've made Nasi Minyak, Ayam Masak Merah, Dalca and Jelantah. I even distribute our dishes to my neighbour. And the next morning for 2nd Ramadhan, i've made Carbonara for the kids and just fried eggs for me and hubby.

Hope for a smooth Ramadhan ahead. This is our journey. Just would like to keep it here. 


Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin


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