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"And my mother always says -... sometimes the wrong train can take you to the right station"

I remember a day of my life. I was feeling a life again. Somebody asked me out. But we have friend zoned each other. Its just that, im out. Instead of feeling blurry, lonely myself. I was at that time, a saddy sappy girl. 

If you ask me now, i would say, it was a wrong train that i took. I should not have left my house. It was weird, i;m a hijab gal. I should not have let myself went about that wild. And be wild. I called that wild, even though it is not. Just a night out. With friends. Which i do not particularly very close to. We are classmates yes, but we were not that close.. 

I was looking for my identity. As if, i did not have any. And to be wild, out and about. Mingle and talk and have friends...

I was so lonely, i succumbed to that particular interest. But i was lost. That friend who asked me out left me. To that place, where i dont feel welcome. He was there, with me, at that table. Very long table. But i felt very lonely. I became very silent. I do not know who to talk to. Then came a young man. Currently, my husband now. He came and talked to me. We talked effortlessly. And that was the beginning.

I wasn't even notice, if he was interested in me? But i do feel comfortable. We talked all night, until, its time for me to go. 

And so that particular night. The lost train. Was the right train for me i guess.

Well, i do not need to be right. It just a thought!

Siti Fatimah Khairiah M Amin


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